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Below are some recent papers on reading intervention, dyslexia, writing and spelling instruction, and improving services for students with learning disabilities. Click the links before to visit the publisher websites. Email for information about them.

Kearns Lyon Pollack.PNG

Kearns, Lyon, & Pollack (2020)

Link to template here

Teaching world and word knowledge to access content-area texts in co-taught classrooms

Kearns & Al Ghanem (2019)

The role of semantic information in children’s word reading: Does meaning affect readers’ ability to say polysyllabic words aloud?

Kearns, Hoeft, Hancock, Pugh, & Frost (2019)

Neurobiology of Dyslexia

Kearns & Whaley (2019)

Helping Students with Dyslexia Read Long Words
Hebert et al. title page.JPG

Hebert, Kearns, Baker Hayes, Bazis, & Cooper (2018)

Why Children With Dyslexia Struggle
With Writing and How to Help Them
Fuchs, Kearns et al. (2018).JPG

Fuchs, Kearns, Fuchs, Elleman, Gilbert, Patton, Peng, & Compton (2018)

Moderator Analysis of Response to Reading Comprehension Instruction
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