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Phinder is a resource to locate words to help children with beginning reading. The website is here:

Phinder Step 1.JPG

Step 1

In the search box, type a grapheme (a spelling) you would like to teach in the "Search Letter Pattern" box. Then click the one you would like to teach. When you click, a list of phonemes appears in the Step 2 box.​ 

Phinder Step 2.JPG

Step 2

From the list of phonemes (sounds), select the one you want. We chose i-e, and now we want the "long I" words, e.g., bike or white. Click on the phoneme box to select it.

Phinder Step 3.JPG

Step 3

Now that you have put the grapheme and phoneme together, check to make sure this looks right. Then, click "Search For Words."

Phinder Step 4.JPG

Step 4

Abracadabra! Here is a list of words that contains i-e that says the long-I sound! 

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